Variance Analysis Template in Excel

The analysis between actual and planned numbers is called Variance Analysis and for that purpose, we use the Variance Analysis Template in Excel.

The formula that we use to evaluate differential percentage is;

“Variance % = Actual / Forecast – 1”

This analysis also helps us to identify who is responsible for any kind of failure in the planned results or in performing the task.

Basically this technique or chart use to analysis critical line for the manage income statement, this is pure accounting phase, as you can check more detail of accounting tool from Spreadsheettemple.

Here below we discuss some tricks and how to use that template in an easy way?

Budget Variance Analysis Excel

Basic datasheet, just need to insert values and ready to use. Some checklist may help you to create this template within minutes. In project status reporting this sheet can helpful.

Variance Analysis Template in Excel Format

Variance Analysis Template in Excel

Income Statement

This is the main column of this datasheet, further is just add a month for checking performance according to month wise.

Interest Income

  1.     Plan
  2.     Actual
  3.     Variance $ (Actual – Plan)
  4.     Variance %

Interest Expense

  1.     Plan
  2.     Actual
  3.     Variance $ (Actual – Plan)
  4.     Variance %

Bad Debt/Credit Losses

  1. Plan
  2. Actual
  3. Variance $ (Actual – Plan)
  4. Variance %

So some other main factor listed down here;

Non-Interest Expense

  1.     Net-Income

So some other 2nd Part of Variance sheet is “Balance Sheet”

  1.     Cash and Cash Equivalents
  2.     Investment Securities
  3.     Loans
  4.     Accounts Payable
  5.     Deposit

So check out variance analysis in excel and comment me for customization and editable template.

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