A project manager is a person who seeks the opportunities for a specific project to accomplish it without facing struggles in the last stage of the project or when the deadline is near.

When a new project is given to manager he is accepting it as a challenge and target both as a project is dependent on him!

Check out the best business model with respect to project management. Monitoring performance of the project team at random times is a useful strategy adopted by managers to execute the project successfully.

Defining key variables to the team and setting targets for them increase their working potential and keep their focus on the work as they are required to achieve targets given to them.

That’s why the manager must be certified with PMI in business analysis for update online project management tools and techniques!

Successful Business Models for Project Management

Business models are designed for managers to help them keep an effective relationship between planning and human efforts towards achieving it avoiding disruptions in the working procedures. Project managers are requiring adopting a particular model which they consider suitable for the project.

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Business Models

Subscription model: – is a model adopted by several businesses as it offers convenience and satisfaction to the customers. They are paying for the services they need saving their effort of repayment each time.

Marketplace model: – is popular in E-Commerce businesses as well as in other businesses as the stocktaking process is not usually required and customers can easily buy a product avoiding the chance of its shortage.

Fermium model: – as the name suggests is a model where a customer can first use the model and if he feels satisfied he can buy the full version of it.


Check out Business Model:-free template through official site of GOVT, More detail of session plan, marketing plan, and recovery management plan in PowerPoint and other DOCX file.

Hypermarket Model: – Hypermarket model is usually adopted by large stores to update stock items and offering a low selling price for customers. The free model is a model adopted by Google and therefore customers are usually paying for what they buy and the services they are availing.

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