The Term, Six Sigma, has been derived from the terminology linked to the production. This also relates with the mathematical models of production techniques.

The efficiency of a production procedure can be understood through recognizing the Sigma rating. The Sigma rating identifies the output or the proportions of production in the organization. This eliminates the errors to such an extent that the products have more than 99 percent accuracy and error-free versions.


The percentage of the defect, if found, would only be 0.002 or less than that and this has been calculated as 0.002 defective parts per million. This makes the engineering and technological products to be manufactured as error free. Hence, this technique is promoting the quality of the products. For such reasons, this techniques is being widely used in management, engineering and technological purposes. That is why it has become prominent worldwide.

Such traits have increased both the importance as well as popularity of this. Therefore, it is being widely used by many industrial as well as business infrastructures. It is expected that it would also be used in Project Management in the near future by some organizations. For more details about popular institutes and online six sigma training U.K.