Project Scope Statement Template

To ensure that your project plan is smart enough for the project needs and requirements download Project Scope Statement Template with PM book guide aligned. Let’s face it; a guide is usually required to make the right use of the template and to ensure maximum benefit for the project managers. For instance this segment records the issue to handle and expresses the ideas for dealing with it.

To the most amazing degree conceivable, the different spreadsheets of the template address all the issues for the project. While exact information may not be accessible now, you can see the latest updates! Simultaneously, to prevent failure and keeping project manager and team in the same direction, you may need it!

Layout of Project Scope Statement Template

Should more precise information is important or the project scope or other varying factors for the project? Be smart, have a look at the format of the template:

Purpose of Project

Either a general project or specific of a kind, there is a purpose for the project. To see the background and reason behind the project, you may fill up this section of the template.

Check out the heading in column B, purpose of project!

Project Scope Statement Template

High level Project Requirements

Since a project is finalized, a list of high level is set to ensure that certain requirements are mandatory. Now add a list of requirements for the project in the column C.

High level project requirements ensure, project manager is making plans according to the specific plan and ensuring its accomplishment before overdue date.

Project Strategy & Deliverables Through Project Scope Statement Template

Project can reach the success line with smart strategy and by having a list of deliverables. These are the signs for the project success as well.

Add the list for both of them in the column C and D.

You can download strategic project plan template for the detailed plan of the project you are working on as well!

Project Constraints

To get ready for the risks and problems associated with the project, this column E with heading project constraints is available. Add them here.

Project constraints can affect the project to the major level and resulting in leaving bad impact on its initiation or any specific stage. You may need to consult your project team to have the entire list of constraints or add them yourself.

Project Cost Estimation

In simple words, with the proper cost estimation, you are never left behind as you always have required cost for the process in hand either from the project sponsors or project stakeholders.

Check out the column F and add the cost estimate for the entire project.

Project boundaries

Project Scope Statement Template PMbok is incomplete without project boundaries. A set of deliverables which must be done before handling over the project or while working upon provides a roadmap to the project manager and the project team.

Use the column G to enter the project boundaries. You may include the requirements, external, internal; and help from the other departments. Moreover training is also a component of project boundaries.

Now use your template to have a complete project scope at your hand. More at ProjectManagersInn.

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