Project Portfolio Dashboard Template in Excel

Dynamic project management templates in excel are well known for various reasons and help managers taking standard and useful actions for bringing improvement in specific projects and informing all the persons who are directly or indirectly affected by the decisions.

As reviewed from various practical cases and case studies, different projects require a different approach to handle as it, as some are facing time constraints, while others are dependent on resources which are already available in a limited amount, therefore an excel sheet there to provide you comprehensive and precise details there are is project portfolio dashboard template in excel.

To customize the dashboard for the project manager, Centralized management can be considered ideal for some projects; however, some require directions and strategies from an only single individual.

If the project involves a number of departments and is of bigger nature, centralized management can be ideal for it, however, for a project which is bigger yet, the main objective is single and involves some departments, and authority can be given to a single individual is the best choice for it.

The running system of the specific project can also be easily seen through charts and other diagrams!

How Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Helps Project Manager?

Different software and apps are available for the dashboard, give you excellent hold over the specific project by improving the visibility of the project and making your pro in handling projects.

Some of the well-known apps types loved by the user’s web-based apps and apps available for the iphone.  These apps are not efficient enough to show you currently going project only and the related important and critical information, in fact, it shows already completed or ongoing projects in the company.

The detailed report analysis is based on these information matrices, which are then presented in meetings and conferences of the board of members or for the other important decisions, therefore availability of charts, graphs, and colored figures in these portfolio dashboards is excellent to assist you.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template in Excel Format

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template in Excel

There is various excel dashboard spreadsheet template, Designing a good and efficient dashboard sheet can be time gaining, but it surely saves you from the essential effort, and using time wisely in the end.

Our project management templates added here are, therefore already topped up with all the important factors and elements and you are just required to fill them your organization information and they are ready to go.

Some of the features, which can be efficiently performed by these sheets, are:

  • Less complicated calculations: As all the important figures and numerical important are already mentioned individually, no need to make effort on checking the texts in the report and then using them in the formulas to make the calculation. Excel can automatically make the calculations using the values you have mentioned from the top, where highlights are shown in the form of numerical. For other values, they can be quickly generated from the graphs and pie charts percentage given to the specific elements.
  • Adding details is quite easy: For word tools and other types of reports, you might require using texts and other ways to show up information, but here use the specific chart or diagram to cover all the related data into that specific table. Therefore risk charts must be filled with the risks which can affect the ongoing operations of a specific project or which are already creating any issue. If using a graph, the highest percentage of issues can be determined at once.
  • An effective way of showing details: As a project manager, you must understand that how you are able to bring the attention to the senior management on your project if resource constraints or some other problem require immediate attention. You can organize a meeting, but using a dashboard can help you even shows areas, which are already solved by you due to your experience in the related field and the other fields which require a more practical approach.
  • Features: Yes there are additional features in the Excel Project Portfolio Dashboard Template, which are discussed below as well, however, the availability of hundreds of color makes you easily select the specific color pattern for different issues and therefore selecting the specific color for the graph. This is important when a summary of all the problems and issues are presented on one page in the start or end.
  • Conditional formatting: From other technical features, conditional formatting is loved, when a specific issue requires more importance, or if you are looking for creating a dashboard which can highlight your key elements, help you present them with more clarity and transparency to the management. The areas and information which can be missed among bigger issues and major constraints can easily get information about the senior management, which is your major purpose when selecting the specific feature of this template sheet.

Elements of Excel Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Key performance indicators and members of the project team ideally supporting these processes are appreciated however indicators that are not completed can be checked and identifying problems are easy.

Once observed, they can also be part of your dashboard. Cost budgets are sometimes hard to overcome, especially if your organization or business is already having problems in managing available cash and multiple projects are going on, you must be able to slice up available finance in the budgets.

Whether your company balance sheet is showing positive or negative cash, your senior management always considers and checks the details of the project before passing on the budget.

Consider a sample of the ideal to support your decisions and helping out the organization on the other hand as well!

Why project success is dependent on the project portfolio dashboard template excels?

Is there a  single sheet that can contribute towards achieving company and project objectives, aligning them in an angle that keeps them both the right direction and if any way they are conflicting with each other, the reasons and factors for this?

Yes this template is an ideal sheet for this objective of monitoring and once you are using this sheet, you have selected the medium which is dependable as it is not based on the plans; in fact, it is based on actual figures and values, of your ongoing project.

Different types of dashboard sheets can be seen as part of various organizations these days as they can help to allocate the limited resources to the place, where there are higher chances of success and lowest chances of getting loss.

Project portfolio dashboard template in excel has already added by us, therefore you are just required to select suitable to your organization.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel Tricks and Ideas to Bring Improvement

  • The display quality of the dashboard is excellent which attracts everyone. However, to make it more attractive and attention-grabbing use color combinations.
  • Try to use simple charts, as covering a small number of aspects on a single task; otherwise, it may add complexity in the dashboard which is avoided.
  • If you consider images are more helping in supporting your facts and diagrams, you are able to use them as well.

If your organization or staff members consist of good persons in IT, you can consult them for conditional formatting, which highlights other features of the project portfolio dashboard template in excel as well.

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