Since the beginning of project, every discrete section which has a vital or implicit role in the accomplishment project requires a deep down look over to monitor the individual as well as the departmental performance. This monitoring is important when a project manager caters the divisional premises of his operational field and it requires his custody to empower different working fronts through timely watch and supervision and pretention from any false procedure going on. Project manager is always devised not only to estimate the due potential of his work force and distributing the roles for working, instead a project manager is always settled over the project as a team lead to handle any sort major or minor issues with workers and employees along with the fair evaluation of their performance and their categorical allowance index comparison. For this purpose Microsoft Excel Tracking Template for project management are very help full.

excel project tracking templates

A project manager is the one who is expert with the general understanding of the whole project and its discreet sections which are low-body factors for the completion of project.  A project manager holds the right to instantly evaluate the individual performance through any of the available tool for performance check and can evacuate the vacancies according to his methodology for project success.  This is the prime role of a project manager to constantly keep an eye on the working force and judge where is the deficiency part occurring.

Microsoft Excel Tracking Template

This continuous project monitoring is called project tracking. Project tracking for project management is nothing difficult to understand, yet is the secondary job of a project manager. After the division of roles and tasks among the work force individuals, a project manager is supposed to look forward for the most efficient and pre-determined employees in the whole project to focus on the strong areas of project accomplishment strivers chain. For this role, a project manager can never be vigilant enough to keep in mind every minute section of project which holds a direct part as a block of project. For successful manager, it is necessary to keep angled all the factors involved in his under-supervision project, for which he might use some recalling and noting tools with the complete detail of project structural breakdown and structure features. All he needs to do is to make a list in Excel Tracking Template for project or any other tool and mark down the daily updated entries regarding each section. For example if a building is under-construction, the project manager would make some major categories in line sections and would chart out the daily output regarding every major component of building to make an easy assessment excel template for the project accomplishment.

Each time you look at the project management template, you would be revised with all the segments of project as well as the individual portion accomplishment. For convenience sake, a project manager can make his own required Excel Tracking Template for project, which would be based on multiple sheets, according to the requirement. In case it is hard to understand the format, there is different Microsoft Excel Tracking Template for project management available on internet. You can easily download them and can make the required alterations in it.