1-Project Management training

In 2014, business organization will trained their staff according to current scenario that will reduce the dependencies on project managers and IT department. The basic purpose of staff training is to increase employee’s professional skills that will help organization to achieve more goals in small interval of time.

project management trends

2-Project management scheduling tools

in this coming year 2014, many business organizations and companies will tend to use project management cloud base scheduling tools, like Gantt Chart, LiquidPlanner, AtTask etc. Because now these project management tools have been improved their product features now business organization can get more benefits from these tools.

3-Online collaborative tools

According to the coming trends, collaborative and sharing tools will be used in 2014 for project management. The tools allow us to share your project progress and performance reports to your clients and partners. In these collaborative tools Trello, Siasto, Tibbr have high potential of purchasing trend. Because Dropbox and sharepoint have been old and didn’t improve their features.

And beside of these tools, resources management becomes a viable choice and project managers will draw better resources by using latest project management tools. And work distribution will be continue to grow.