Every project depends on its manager’s capabilities and skill and how he utilizes resources to accomplish the goal. If you knows the compatible tool and human resource for any particular project than planning or organizing the whole would be easy. On the other hand as a manager you must have strong will power and determination and trust on your coordinates otherwise you project success will be doubtful. In Project Management Life Cycle Stages and Process I explain how to manage any task via required resources. Every single step you have to be study in depth for sake of your project and organization success.

Project Management is not an easy job because of its various factors that are directly related to project. Project management is the back bone of a project. Nowadays, due its importance every company focus on its management to control and monitor their running projects effectively and successfully. Before launching a project, every company makes their proposal as well as different analysis to view the threads and opportunities. In which project life cycle is also made that is very important for company project.


In general project life cycle tells us about the different project stages and process that we can easily view the progress report and its duration of completion. This cycle also give us information of those factors that can be directly influence our project and its progress as well as we can also make some variable factors for our plans to complete them successfully.

What is Introduction to Project Management Life Cycle Stages and Process?

There are 5 levels of stages in every project life cycle:

1. Initial level 

2. Planning and organizing

3. Execution phase

4. Controlling and monitoring 

5. Final reporting phase

Initial stage level

The 1st stage of project management life cycle is called plan or project initiation. In this level of stage you define propose, objective of this plan, motives chances of your project you can also view and monitor timetable. A team a basic members is selected for this project according to their skills and efficiency. After that a helper team or staff is also be dedicate to basic team for their assistance.

Planning and Organizing

The 2nd level stage includes planning and organizing your tasks, to-do list etc. In this stage planner make strategies and plans as well as divide load work by dividing the plan into small task until the final stage come. These planners also make alternative plans and do risk management as well as expenses, timetable, dependent variables are also defined. Time management is very important for any project so due to its importance it is very important to manage time effectively.

project management life cycle

Execution phase

The third phase of project life cycle is execution. This phase mostly take a long time because of execution of all plans and strategies. It is very important part of whole life cycle because all processes are running and it use all resources to complete the project.

In this level it is very necessary to monitor and make sure that all actions and activities are running according to the plan and strategy. For this propose we use several managerial process to overcome the cost and mange the time according to the task. If this project management execution plan done correctly then its mean your project life cycle is running correctly.

Controlling phase

In this level we monitor and control the running activities to gain the expected result. This phase is also important and tough because your project outcome total depends on this phase. So a little ignorance can destroy or may affect your whole project.

Final reporting

The last part of this project management life cycle is closure in which we made project progress reports and do some analysis to see that either our proposed results are came or not. And in this stage company make its report and send towards client to take feedback. This final reports show that how much you achieve your goals and how much your planning was effected.

And after the feedback from client your project management process completed. In the last you can make your own report too in which you can describe your experiences about projects any type of difficulties and facilities that you been experience. This feedback helps your company to review their resources and management for their next project. Connect with projectmanagersinn.com for more update about Project management like this introduction to Project Management Life Cycle Stages and Process.