Gantt chat is a control tool, in 1917, a socialist Henry Gantt made a horizontal chart bar to view and control the production. This chart is basically used in Project management. This chart provides graphical figures and numbers; by using of this graphical chart you can make your plans and strategies to achieve your project goals.

Gantt chart helps you in scheduling a plan and its time as well as its graph helps you to control and monitor your project plan, schedule. You can easily create plan and small task to complete your project.

GC easily drawn on a graph paper, it has two lines one is horizontal plotted where as other is vertical. Horizontal plotted line indicates total time span to complete your project, in which you can further divide this time span into days, weeks and months. The other vertical line indicates small tasks that have to be complete to achieve your project goal. These tasks are directly proportional with your project goal.

Gantt chart Project Management Tool

1- By using of this chart you can add your resources that should be relevant to your type of project. These Project management templates allows you to manage resources either working on human resources or tools management best practice to gather whole resources records with a systematic work sheet.

2- Its one of the very preliminary stem to define the hierarchy of enlisted resources, your work structure by get apart each other into two easy steps to understand one can be mention as main task and other would be named as sub task which are secondary procedural steps to do during completion of your tasks.

3- Each task is dependent of other task either main task or secondary “SUB” task, so for that matter make it sure each of these task must be management in such hierarchy that they linked with each other, don’t get any break into them make a flow of them to complete your project. You can easily learn about it from