There are many project management templates in Excel which are most useful in project management. Here, you will find the top project management templates in this article.

These tools are important to develop a strategy before you start planning for your project. This makes sure that you don’t give up anything crucial.

Project Management Excel Templates

Whether you are a new project manager in the learning stage or a pro with project management, you can always add some new tools and resources to your set of tools.

After all, having challenges of projects and expectations of investors is enough to slope up your stress to a huge level. This list of top project management templates will aid you during any phase of every project.

This will make project management simple, less of a commotion and save you time (and headaches) since you don’t have to begin by filling notebooks with a scrap of papers.


Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is one of the most popular tools to schedule your tasks and their dependencies during the project lifecycle. This template helps the project managers to easily visualize their project.

A Gantt chart has task names, starting and ending dates with total duration and shows which tasks depend on each other for a complex project.

Be quick to download this Gantt chart template to find an easy way to schedule your project and share it with your team to keep them on the same page.

Project Tracker Template

The project tracker template is useful to organize everything in the project well and stay current on as the project progress. With this free template, you can add tasks to-do, current status, priorities, deliverables, budget, work hour, and other important things for your full project.

Once you combine the project and tracking template into the project management, you can get a clear visual on the project and can also update the project.

Project Risk Tracking Template

Projects have hidden risks and they can affect project budget and deadlines. Using a project risk tracking template, you can discover risks and their impact on the project. You can take back your project to its track without allowing the risks to affect your project.

Now you can identify risks early in the project and have time to plan to defeat these risks speedily with this free Excel project risk tracking template.

Budgeting Tracker Template

To stay on budget throughout the project lifecycle, use this free project budgeting tracker template and stay attentive to your spending. Without financial backing to pay for the project, every plan is useless. Project budgeting is one of the main steps to complete the project successfully.

You can easily compare your estimated and actual budget, cover all your costs and with this Excel template, the numbers will more correct.

Project Issue Tracker Template

When you are managing a project, you can overlook some possible issues. However, if you didn’t solve these issues, this can disturb your entire project and affect deliverables sooner or later.

So, what to do when this happens? Just track those issues and bugs and solve them with the help of this free project issue tracking template.

First, you have to identify issues and solve these issues as soon as possible. This template helps you to collect information quickly and ensures to document every single step to resolve the issue.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

The work breakdown structure (WBS) template helps to produce the basic structure of a project. It is a crucial tool to plan and execute the project. This template represents the work of a project and how to evolve the project’s schedule.

You will find this WBS template useful for your projects whether you are new to project management or pro for many years. You can use this template to develop your project schedule, costs, and resources requirements. Download this template to save your lots of minutes and simplify the process of designing a work breakdown structure.

Project Timeline Template


project timeline template is helpful to visualize complex information in a way that is simple to understand. It offers a handy calendar to track your project progress. You can easily identify possible delays, you can monitor when your project task will complete, and many more.

A project timeline is satisfying for any size of the project, especially when you have to share project status with associates and stakeholders. You can easily update project development, track the deliverables, and check the present status of the project anywhere, anytime by simply downloading this template.

To-Do List Template

With multiple active parts in a project, a to-do list template helps you to target the most important tasks of your project. You can group the tasks by date, priorities, and status. View your priorities for the whole week. You may also manage your due dates on a daily and hourly basis.

Share this with your project team to generate clarity and make sure that not a single task is incomplete. Use this template mutually to keep track of your tasks and due dates.

Project Scope Management Template

The scope management plan template guides the project managers to develop a scope management plan. When we about project scope, we cite to the sum of all the project work which includes activities, services, results, and the products.

Managing the project scope can ensure the successful completion of all the work of a project and nothing more.

Scope management ensures that we only include only the necessary work for the successful completion of the project. By implementing a good plan and structure to scope management, one can complete the deliverables without risks. This is an important tool for project success.

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