Automobiles Free Mileage Log Template Excel is the distance traveled by a particular vehicle in the business. Electronic logbooks are prepared to simplify the function of recording and tracking performance of the company in a specific field.

Preparing log books manually is difficult as in case of any updated information a new log book is required resulting in the extra effort made by a person.

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This template helps in maintaining a vehicle in working condition by reducing chances of the sudden stoppage of the vehicle due to the breakdown of any part. You can also get a printable log book for different project or niche from here by requesting us.

Maintenance function can be improved by preparing this certain template sheet. Distance traveled by the vehicle can be observed as well as the information of the driver who traveled the vehicle.

Free Mileage Log Template Excel Format

Due to government policies cost of the fuel incurred by the company is reduced therefore preparing an excel template is cost-saving strategy practiced by companies. Performance of the company during any specified time period can observe.

free mileage log template

Log books are also prepared by teachers to keep updated information about their class, therefore, log sheet template is prepared in Microsoft Excel by businesses in the following format:

  •     Employee id, title, and vehicle id can be observed.
  •     Name, department and job period show the information about employee driving the car.
  •     Rate per mile and total mileage can be observed.
  •     Total rate and cost incurred can, therefore, view.
  •     Date, when the specific travel was made, can observe.
  •     Starting place, destination and purpose of travel can be observed.

Mileage Log Template Google Sheets

So check out some different car like BMW, AUDI, HONDA FORT, SUZUKI, and MERCEDES Auto Mileage Log Template on a different track. The cost incurred on fuel when the vehicle was used for personal reason can observe. Therefore the actual cost used in business can be calculated and can be added in business accounts. Starting mile, ending miles and therefore miles travel can be observed. Rate of mileage traveled can be viewed. The net cost incurred by the company on traveling can be observed.

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