This Event Checklist template in word or excel format is used for making a checklist for arranging an event. The checklist can entail information about each and every respect of an event that needs to be arranged on a specific date and with a given amount of limited budget. For making the event memorable and successful, it must be arranged properly and no task or activity that is directly linked to the event should be left behind unheeded.

For your information, the event checklist can be made in MS Excel as well as in MS Word. It depends on your convenience that in which format you make it.

Details of an Event Checklist Template in Excel Format

An event checklist document contains the details about financial, management, administration, sponsorship’s, and logistical areas that are directly or indirectly related to an event. The financial field includes the budget allocation of an event, the cost of catering, the cost of location (rent, event registration fee, etc.), the wages of labor that might be hired for displacing luggage including chairs, table, stage, etc., the wages of waiters who serve food or drinks in the event, the electricity charges, and other relevant expenses that might occur during or before the event. Similarly, the logistical area includes the details about number of chairs, tables, carpets, stools, and every other item that might be included in the event. The management area includes event management activities. It includes managing all the activities that are related to organizing an event. The details about these areas and activities related to event management are mentioned in the Event Management Checklist document.

Stages of Event Management Checklist / Get Wedding Checklist Templates

Event management generally includes two stages: first is related to pre-event arrangements or arrangements that are required prior to the happening of an event, while the second stage occurs during the happening of the event. The first stage is a planning phase in which all the aspects of an event are planned and the details are analyzed and are subjected to the budget constraints. This includes the hiring of waiters and volunteers for the event, the registration for location of the event, acquiring sponsors for the event, inviting guests to the event, making and sending special invitations to guest speakers, booking of catering service or booking of food for the event, and similar other aspects which are required to be executed prior to the event date.

Download Event Checklist Template in Excel Format

On the other hand, the second stage occurs during the event when the guests have arrived or are arriving and the event has started. This stage entails different activities that must be organized and managed very well by the event organizing team to create a good impression of the event in front of the guests. Some of the activities include presenting food and drinks to the guests, inviting speakers to the stage properly, ensuring proper sound system, ensuring availability of washrooms, making exit and entry points for the event, offering tea or coffee to the guests when they arrive, and many other activities which could make the event well-organized and memorable for the guests.