Project management needs quick practice regarding resources and tools, for this purpose they need compatible tool like Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint. In this post I would discuss benefits of PowerPoint for business project planning and also importance to reduce time and resources and focus on more output. For presenting any project plan in front of audience that’s look more professional, this tool will be used. Anyhow For importing and exporting any online document this Microsoft tool would be the great buddy of you.

Here I’m discussed below some great tutorial from different sites relates some useful templates.

What Kinds of PowerPoint project Management Templates?

There are various tools for project managers available to keep and measure the efforts made by the team. One of the most effective and most used tools is Microsoft Excel Templates. By using excel templates one can change the simple spreadsheet into a very useful project management form or chart. Here we will try to know how the Microsoft templates can be used.


First of all you have to know whether the templates are already installed in your Microsoft PowerPoint or not. If any such templates are installed then you have to see whether these templates are acceptable in your Microsoft office version or not. To see this you have to open excel When you open the excel at the top left side of the screen you can see the button “office” after clicking this you have to select new which open the new workbook. Here you can see various templates. If you have no installed templates then you have an option to view online templates also. | Templates for Project planning

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BCG Matrix Templates

I recently review an article on BCG matrix and found the most useful for professional. Mostly people also recommend me to add this site link for inform our user regarding project management techniques. | PowerPoint Templates

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Microsoft Official Site

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Importance of PowerPoint Templates of Project Management

These templates tend to compatible with other managerial tool, like Google spreadsheet and Gantt chart. With graphical presentation and other graph you must connect some universal source.

  • Automatically arrange column, rows and background style
  • Pie chart or other BCG matrix
  • Timeline and Spreadsheet Templates
  • Varieties of Using Gantt chart on it