BCG Matrix Templates in Excel format is very easy to use. BCG is Boston Consulting Group made a professional analysis portfolio diagram that used in elaboration of any product market share and growth rate. There are many tools that are being used for this analysis purpose but still BCG Matrix Template is highly recommended. Today, our business world has been changed because our world is now a global village. So there are certain changes also has been take placed, like market trends, business growth rate, competition between companies etc. In this scenario if you want to launch a new product or want to evaluate the product market growth and share rate. Then BCG Matrix excel will provides you 95% accurate results.

BCG Matrix is one of the popular tool of business management that is still using in multinational companies. This matrix is used to analysis the profit opportunities in the market against products and services. Nowadays, it is very popular and useful for managers to make their future planning and strategies. Every formal company creates this matrix before launching their products etc. In BCG Matrix there are two adjacent lines on graph vertical and horizontal, the vertical graph line indicates market shares and horizontal line indicates market growth. All in one Boston, BCG Matrix Templates in Excel, Word and PowerPoint format is easily available. You can easily use this chart in all formats as i describe. But before you go for download, here is its properties and procedure how to insert BCG matrix in excel.

BCG Matrix Template in Excel

BCG Matrix Templates in Excel

It is very easy to draw this BCG matrix in word. Before you draw matrix you should understand its four sections.

1-      Dogs (low market share and low market growth)

It represent that your product s or services have low market share and low market growth also and this section is not better for your company profit profile. This section is a danger zone for your company.

2-      Cash cows (High market share but low market growth)

This section is much better than dogs section, and also shows that your company not only going into lose at all. But you can never under estimate market growth because you cannot generate profit.

3-      Question marks (high market growth but low market share)

This section shows that your company is not generating a big profit, because high market shares a required to make a big profit profile. And on this stage you have to change your strategies and planning.

4-      Stars (high market growth and high market share)

This section is best because it shows that you company generating profit as well as doing market growth too.

BCG Matrix Templates in Excel

How to draw a BCG Matrix in Excel Template

It is easy to draw a BCG Matrix in excel you just have to follow these steps.

Open an excel spreadsheet and look at the top option in which click on insert that is on the 2nd left top.

In this insert option there are many other options and sub-option, like columns, bar and pie chart but this is not for you so click on other charts. After clicking a new page will open here click on bubble chart. Now a chart will open in excel spreadsheet.

As you can see a white colored square just right click on it where will appears sub-options “select data” option.

After that you can add more sections as we know BCG Matrix have 4 sections, so click on more section after adding 3 more section now you can put values and statistics and allocate names, like dogs section and star section etc.

BCG graphical illustration

By using this graph you can easily evaluate business opportunities. You can easily plot this BCG Matrix Templates in Excel  by using table and graph option.

There are some error in this graph due to false type of assumption, like with low market share and high market growth, this situation are confusing and most people assume that it give them some profit. But in actual scenario sometimes it will never give you profit.

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And the most significant problem in BCG Matrix is its simple solution that might be wrong and accurate because it not base on any fact and figures.

BCG Matrix Templates in Excel Format

This graph is also called business growth share graph. Every company use this tool to create product or service portfolio before launching their product. And compare their price and shares to market. You can control the productivity relatively to its market growth and shares. These matrix templates help us to find the problem in any level and give us perfect solution you can also monitor the cash flow and its direction. This is only use in real scenario based business profitability and its value is increased with the value of market shares and productivity. There are many online resources that you can use to download for BCG Matrix Templates.

Here is our ProjectManagersInn team tested and verified download link for BCG Matrix. On the other hand many websites and companies are providing their download links but they are asking for signup or your emails. But Here you can easily download this tool for your business, project or professional presentation.


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